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"Our services start long before your menus hit the tables."

In 1991 after several years working in maintenance and for a major restaurant chain as a bartender and server we began working side jobs in residential repair and maintenance.  Our customer base grew rapidly, as there was a need for conscientious and reliable work in the home market.  Soon Cocoa Contracting was born, and we left the restaurant industry. After several years of serving residential owners and small businesses in the area we started servicing restaurants for a local family owned chain.  We soon realized that there was a need for a specialty company who only serviced restaurants.  The owners, Ray & Renee Stonesifer thought back to their days in the restaurant operations.  They understood the importance of day to day activities in the restaurant world, and they felt that a service company founded by people who have been in the trenches could meet customer’s needs.  Cocoa Contracting changed its name to Cocoa Restaurant Services in 2000, and began hiring and training skilled technicians who would only service restaurant location needs.  Each technician would be trained to repair cooking equipment, refrigeration, HVAC, plumbing and electrical repairs.  The small family owned restaurant chain that we were servicing grew from 2 stores to 8 stores, managers moved on to new locations, and our professional technicians began to leave lasting impressions on general managers and kitchen staff.  As the word spread about this new “specialized” restaurant service company, our business began to grow rapidly.  We soon began working for most of the major restaurant chains in our area.  The “one stop shop” service company who could handle almost any repair was an instant success. 

Several years later, after a family vacation in Disneyworld, the owners began to discuss what it was that sets Disney apart from the rest of the competition.  They began to do research, and came to the conclusion that the one focus that is paramount to Walt Disney’s success is “attention to detail.”  We started modelling this aspect within our company.  Ray has attended several Disney Institute seminars regarding business excellence.  We have also sent our immediate supervisor for Disney Institute training.  This attention to detail is implemented in every aspect of our operations.  

Most importantly we have trained our technicians with this “attention to detail” approach.  Our technicians have an average of 8 years of field experience.  We boast one of the lowest employee turnover ratings in our industry. This allows our technicians to know and understand all aspects of restaurant equipment repair and maintenance. It has also helped each of them to become an extension of the owner’s main principles.  We have empowered each technician to order parts while standing face to face with our customers.  No senseless lag time by having to call the home office to get purchase orders.  We have equipped all employees with handheld electronic devices that allow them to gather technical bulletins and maintenance tracking information about your equipment.  They can help you make decisions about decisions regarding repairing or replacing by looking up repair history on each unit. 

We realize that you have many choices for service companies in our local area.  We have also seen the revolving door of equipment company stickers that have been placed on all of your equipment.  If you are tired of going back and forth from one service company to another, then please take a moment to read our testimonials from customers who have used our services for a long time.  There are few service companies in the area who have fostered such long relationships with any particular customer.  Our solid customer base is a testimony to; the cost savings of our preventive maintenance program, the value of rapid response, (including text or email service requests) the importance of specialized trained technicians, and the personal service from owners who understand how important your equipment is to your daily operations.


Ray & Renee Stonesifer and the Cocoa Restaurant Services Team